9 Best BBQ Sauces To Keep You Licking Your Fingers For Days

Amazing moments are not without the heavenly moments when you have the first bite of a mindblowing barbecue. Nothing like it!

So, have you ever wondered why these BBQ tastes are so out of this world against others which are just bland? Well, the answer is the BBQ SAUCE!

They are such intelligent and excellent blends of ingredients that enhance the tastes of foods, especially meats when used. Such classic essentials to the world of barbecue and in this review we share 9 of the best bbq sauces based on different taste offerings that they give.

Enjoy your read and do expect to salivate a bit because these are the best bbq sauce you’ll ever taste.


Best BBQ Sauces

Choosing your most effective kind

Barbecues without a good bottle of bbq dressing to back your foods up could render your food as bland as can be. It is essential, therefore to not just use any type of relish for the sake of it, but to be specific about the kinds of benefits that you are hoping to achieve.

What are your taste preferences?

This is the first thing to consider when making a choice as they come in various tastes.

As the saying goes that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, the same principle applies to bbq sauces. One kind does not fit all recipes so be specific about your choice of taste.

Some taste options to look out to aid with your pick are:


These are usually heavily sugar or molasses based and often made with sweet tomatoes. For sweet tooths and for kids, this may be the kind to consider to satisfy the taste buds. It is often recommended to be the most basic kind of bbq dressing to have in the kitchen.


If you are crazy about heat in your foods, you might want to consider this option to give you that heat in your bbq as well. They are often made with other components but the spicy component found in it is often on the high side to give the obvious taste of heat.


This is often a vinegar based causing a strong tangy taste. It may not be the most preferred for a lot of coating as it may leave the food too sour in taste to eat. You can use it with a mix of other kinds of bbq relishes to have a decent balance of tanginess in your food.


These are blends of 2 or more of the above types and often the most common kinds on the market. However, each single supermarket bbq sauce always has one particular feature outshining the others to aid the user to determine tastes better.

What is your choice of flavors?

Flavors are also very key aspects to consider when choosing as they have the potential of altering the original taste of the food.

Look out for your preferences whether subtle, strong or none and make a that will fit that need.

It is also important to note that most bbq sauces come with smoky flavors for the fact that barbecues and smoky flavors are very much correlative. So this may be a constant component with varying wood flavor kinds, hence, if this is something that you will not like, you should look out for options without smoky flavors.

How will it affect your health?

Some grocery store bbq sauces could be unhealthy to use due to the kind of components used in making them.

Look out for all natural ingredient kinds rather than ones that are chemical based. For this reason, we particularly chose dressings with ingredients that are healthy to use and we believe that some other choices will offer this good aspect.

Also, do an allergy check of yourself if you haven’t yet and go for types that will serve you well. It is important to not do broad assumptions about what you might desire just so you can get the best out of your buy.

What is the shelf life of the bottled sauce?

You want to ensure that your potential buy is long lasting and in good state before your purchase.

Always aim for the kinds that have at least 18 months of goodness to their expiry date to ensure that its ingredients are in a good state and will not grow fungus in a long time.

On health, fresh relishes are also usually better for boosting your health needs as they will be made with fresh ingredients which offer great benefits to the body.

On taste, due to their freshness, you can expect to have good tastes as well.

Do brands really matter?

No, they do not! However, some brands are known to have produced the best quality of bbq sauces over the years making them easy to rely on.

On the other hand, there are also pretty new brands that offer amazing products that could beat the quality of other older brands by their goodness.

Hence, if you have interests in particular brands, it is wise to do a wide read on them and be sure that they have great reviews before using them. You do not want to poison yourself!

Reviews of the best bbq sauces

1. Jack Daniels Original No. 7

1. Jack Daniels Original No. 7Up for a bourbon bbq sauce? This one has got you in all the right places. Use this on your burgers anytime, all the time; and if you are looking for that American spark in on your shredded barbecue for a burger, this is the best American bbq sauce on the market to get.

It is pretty interesting that Jack Daniels has a barbecue relish line which should get you thinking if it is whiskey based. Well, it is bourbon inspired! A bit of whiskey to set in some flavor which is not overpowering. It is more of a subtle sweet and spicy kind that works well for everyone and any dish.

It is a classic one and with its Hickory flavor in there, you get to have an extra taste of smoky flavors locked into every bite you take.

This product will turn every badly overcooked, bad tasting meat into the most favorite on the table, so if you are considering using it has a marinade, we give you a full go ahead. The whiskey content in it has great tendencies of locking in flavors into meats (all kinds) and even the bones, giving you a total round of flavors in your food.

In a roundup, this goodness gives you a good dash of whiskey that comes after your swallow, sweetness, spiciness, and smokiness.


  • 4 levels of tastes
  • Great for all meat types
  • Affordable
  • Gluten free


  • Not ideal for non-alcohol users

2. Stubb’s Original BBQ Sauce

2. Stubbs Original BBQ SauceWe couldn’t have written this review without writing about this amazing Texas bbq sauce. With a beautiful history to it, it has made its way into the hearts of many, homes and commercial places.

Dating back from 1968, this is just the one that you need on your shelves for just anything you choose to make. With a deep tomato base, molasses, vinegar and chipotle, this is one of the best bbq flavourings you’ll ever taste.

We love it for its sweet, tangy, and spicy taste, making it the perfect all-rounder kind to have.

It is a very natural blend, that almost makes you see a blend of onion and garlic through its opaque texture; and also fairly thick nor thin, giving you globs of the spoon from every scoop.

It may be slightly rough for a bbq topping but this could be passed for the content of its goodness.

This is not overly sweet as may seem from its appearance but sits in all the goodness that you will desire from a bbq sauce the Texas way.


  • High quality
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Affordable
  • Easily transforms tastes


  • May be too spicy

3. Bull’s Eye Original Barbecue Sauce

3. Bull’s Eye Original Barbecue SauceFor such a well known and widely available product, this one like the Jack Daniel’s kind above can be used for just everything. It is packed with bold unique flavors that immediately tweak up the taste of meats of whichever kind you are making.

It is a brand that has stood the test of time on its quality with 25 years of barbecue experience for the perfect flavors.

It is a heavily based on molasses with a blend of vinegar, done so well to not leave an overpowering taste nor dominating sweetness on your foods. It is the best Kansas City bbq sauce out there – giving you a good balance of sweet, thickness, tomatoes and tanginess to it.

Use it on your pork ribs, steak etc and you are sure to have a good bursting aroma of smokiness in every bite. However, tastes may not live up to looks especially on chicken but still leaves a mellowed flavor in there. It is one of the best bbq sauce brands for baby back ribs as a special recommendation from us.

This Bull Eye product may be costive but for its good flavoring, you bet that it is a good cost for such goodness. Its thickness also lets your food sit well in a good coat of topping, and all the better marinates to the core if you decide to use it for marination.


  • An all-rounder
  • A good balance of aromas and tastes
  • High-quality product


  • Slightly higher on cost

4. Sweet Baby Ray Original Barbecue Sauce

4. Sweet Baby Ray Original Barbecue SauceLike the name goes, this is a sweet bbq sauce with an amazing smell. This is the type that you want to have as an option for picky eaters, because tell you what, it will get everyone to love it.

If you are looking for a kind of honey bbq sauce, we highly recommend this. It is sugar based with a cut of vinegar and liquid smoke in it to give it a good tasting balance. Spiciness will not be a good attribute for it, making it not very ideal for someone who is high on pepper.

This is the best-recommended sauce for little smokies instead of sweet soda and you will be grateful for its “slightly thicker than ketchup” texture that will leave your sausages coated graciously.

Being a better tasting version of ketchup, you could almost use it on your salads or just anything that you deem fit to have it on. It is great on cost, and often always available on sale to ease the budget.

As a bottled bbq sauce, you are sure to get almost every bit out of its squeezable bottle – this is a great feature by the makers for such a sweet tasting sauce.

Use this for burgers and have a long lasting taste!


  • Affordable
  • Award-winning brand
  • Great for everyone


  • May be too sweet
  • Not spicy

5. Bone Suckin’ Sauce

5. Bone Suckin’ SauceA fierce name for a fierce one! This is the best spicy sauce to have an excellent balance of bbq seasoning.

It is a great sauce for beef ribs sitting a good taste of minor tanginess, very little sweetness, but a good level of spiciness. It has a sweet aroma however which may be disappointing as the actual thing isn’t that sweet.

Being very light in texture, you could equally use it as a dip for other delicacies or if you will rather not smear it all over the food for eating preferences. It is also great sauce for pulled pork recipes as the ingredient mix conveniently sits well into the meat as you cook it for a long period.

The jar packaging design is amazing for the many like us who want to have every bit of the sauce out of its container. The wide mouth of the jar allows you to brush out every single bit of it, and there your money is fully retrieved!

Get this relish in its full package; Hot Bone Suckin’ Sauce, Bone Suckin’ Sauce, and Bone Suckin’ Sauce (seasoning and rub) for a very decently discounted amount making it a cheap bbq sauce. We assure you that it will be a great buy for your money.


  • Good combination of spiciness
  • Affordable
  • Great for meat
  • 3 in 1 package for diversity


  • Not for non-spicy tastes
  • Not sweet as its aroma

6. We Rub You Barbecue Sauce

Bring some Asia into your home with this, acting as a marinade, cooking and barbecue sauce.

It is ideal for fish, veggies, tofu, meat, and chicken. This is the best Korean bbq sauce you probably didn’t know you needed.

It is necessary to have a variety on your barbecue and with this is an ideal sauce for brisket, there will definitely be a taste transformation coming from your kitchen.

This is a very health-focused flavoring made with ground ginger, ground onion, minced garlic, ground black pepper, gluten-free soy sauce, white vinegar, toasted sesame seeds, sesame oil, xanthan gum, and apple juice concentrate.

Being pretty new on the market, it seems to be overtaking the many other existing Korea store brand bbq sauces with their healthy components.

You could also use it as a cooking sauce for various dishes, common amongst which are stir-fries. It is light in texture allowing for its easy diverse use.

Choose from the brands 3 in 1 collection or buy the entire set. It will serve you for many days.


  • Very healthy
  • Triple-purpose
  • 3 options to choose from
  • Gluten-free component


  • May be spicy

7. Heinz Memphis Style Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Sauce

7. Heinz Memphis Style Sweet & Spicy Barbecue SauceHeinz has been known to be a great manufacturer of dressings and other food components, and in no doubt have produced one of the best store bought bbq sauces.

It is 100% natural and specially made for Pitmasters making it a great commercial bbq sauce. It is a bold type with a good balance of sweetness, spiciness, smokiness, and tanginess.

This product was wisely made from a partnership from two great sides; the Heinz company which is well known for their good products and Leonard’s Pit Barbecue from Memphis, hence the Memphis sauce influence.

The aroma and taste is a complex but excellent blend having a striking sweetness from fruity tomatoes and molasses, an extra depth of spice that is not overpowering thanks to the garlic and onion components in it, and mustardy ingredients that combines all the ingredients resulting in its beyond simple taste. This is a real mastery of the art.

Thickness is globby leaving a gracious coat of flavor on your food for even tastes in every bite of food. This also means that you need not use too much of it to get deep tastes.

Enjoy this with chicken and for pork chops, and if you are up for opening a barbecue business, you may want to add this bbq sauce brand as one of your best secrets.


  • For heavy or light tastes
  • Even blend of tastes
  • Amazing aroma


  • Quality not as fresh sauces

8. Trader Joe’s Bold and Smoky Barbecue Sauce

8. Trader Joe’s Bold and Smoky Barbecue SauceThis will instantly get you in the mood of a barbecue, especially if you are using it for non-barbecued dishes.

It is a piece of art with a mastery combination of sweetness, smokiness, and tanginess. It has no spice elements whatsoever which may tend to be its shortfall, however, its strong tangy taste makes it a special tangy bbq sauce.

So, the best thing to do will be to purchase it for your shelves, and when you do need some extra tanginess in your food, do well to do a considerate add up, and its specialty will be all over.

It is an excellent bbq sauce for ribs and chicken, and of course, many other meat options offering a 3 in 1 package at purchase for a long-lasting use. This makes it very affordable for a good tasting sauce.

If you are considering using this sauce as a marinade, this may not be ideal as its high level of tanginess may ruin the final taste of your foods. Use it as a top coat or minor add up in other marinades for that spark.


  • Affordable
  • Great for chicken
  • Nice smoky flavor


  • May be too tangy
  • Not an all-rounder

9. Big Bob Gibson Original White Sauce

9. Big Bob Gibson Original White SauceYou probably haven’t heard of a white barbecue sauce and in a limbo right now. Well, there is a thing like this, and Big Bob Gibson offers the best on the market.

It is mayo vinegar based with the specialty to enhance the tastes of meats rather than for coating. Hence, on the shortfall side of things, this may not be the type that you will want to coat your meat with.

On tastes, it has a mustardy mayo feel with lingering heat after your swallow from the black pepper add up in it. This makes it very different from mayo although white in color and as creamy as mayo.

Its texture makes it great to use for marination, as it is not too thick or thin, but of average consistency to lock in all other spices that you may use in combination.

Its use is very limited, working best with chicken, but offering an amazing tangy taste to chicken barbecues.


  • Great invention for barbecues
  • Affordable
  • Great for marination


  • Best used for chicken

What is the best bbq sauce?

For this roundup, our world’s best bbq sauce will be the best all-rounder kind that can be used for any kind of dish and by everyone.

Hence for this, the top-rated bbq sauce goes to Jack Daniels Original No.7.

It is the perfect one that works with all kinds of meats giving excellent food results. For a whiskey brand, we will say that Jack Daniels nailed this line of bbq topping so well and offers it at an affordable price.

It is also a great balance on tastes which fits all taste preferences out there. Also, great on taste, the belief that a little bit of relish should go a long way for a long-lasting use, but for its goodness, we advise that you purchase extra bottles as this may go in days.

Finally, you may quickly judge it to have a strong whiskey aroma, but all wrong, it is as subtle as can be.

If your choice is this one too, have a good time indulging in it, and it is any of the others, kindly do likewise. You can thank us later for the good aromas.