Ground Sirloin vs. Regular Ground Beef: Discover the Best Choice

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When grilling up some tasty food for a backyard barbecue, there are so many options. You could serve up some juicy steaks or sizzle up some good old-fashioned hot dogs served with a side of mustard. 

What must make an appearance at every barbecue however are burgers, but in order to cook the tastiest burgers possible it is important that they be made from high quality meat and not cheap supermarket cuts, with the particular type of meat used making a huge difference.

Ground Sirloin Vs Regular Ground Beef: Which Is Best?

Ground beef is the most commonly used meat for burgers often used in hamburgers, however ground sirloin is also one of the best meats to use when cooking your own burger patties and can have some notable advantages over using standard ground beef, along with some shortcomings. 

The differences in both can drastically change the taste of your burgers or steaks, so it is important to pick the right one, so others won’t be disappointed by your food choices.

We have detailed below what exactly these differences are and ultimately which kind of beef will give you the tastiest and most beneficial patties possible for a great day out with family and friends.        

Ground Beef

Everyone has come across some form of ground beef while out shopping.

This is usually the cheapest option available in terms of burger meat, with the weight and taste of the burger depending on the coarseness of how it was ground, the fat content and the cut of meat.

The main advantage of buying this type of meat is that it is relatively easy to find and is widely available, it is often made from cuts like shank or brisket, with some even simply being labeled ‘hamburger’ indicating that it is a blend of several cuts.

While being affordable and very accessible, ground beef also makes for a very juicy burger bursting with taste.

The real downside to ground beef patties is the health content. While the law states that fat contents in ground beef cannot exceed 30%, many come very close to this figure and if you are looking to lose weight then this may be a problem.

In addition, ground beef contains more salt than other types of meat due to its processing method, meaning that you need to add extra seasoning to ensure that you don’t end up with bland tasting burgers.

Ground beef can still be a tasty and affordable option that can be used not just in burgers, but even in chili, meatloaf and tacos, so don’t be afraid to try its juicy flavoring in any of your other favorite meals.

Ground Sirloin

If ground beef could be considered the accessible and easy but slightly unhealthy type of beef, then ground sirloin could be considered the exact opposite.

Ground sirloin is known for being extremely high in lean and rather low in fat content, meaning that it should be much healthier than normal ground beef.

It is also a popular choice for those who want to eat healthy, as it tends to have fewer calories than other types of beef.

Sirloin itself, as the name suggests, must only contain meat from the sirloin area as it is known to produce some of the most tender and expensive steaks.

The rest of the steak can be anything from T-bone to rib eye, making it perfect for creating delicious burgers.

As well as being lower in fat, ground sirloin is higher in protein than ground beef, meaning that it is easier to digest and therefore results in a better feeling after eating.

There are two main reasons why people choose to buy ground sirloin instead of ground beef; firstly, because they know that it is going to be healthier and secondly, because they prefer the flavor of the meat since the taste would be down to the person.

It is not all positive for ground sirloin, however, as it does tend to be more expensive than normal ground beef, which means that it is harder to get hold of.

This is because of the type of meat it contains and being among one of the healthiest but still tastiest options on the market. 

Sirloin beef can also come out quite dry and minimized, and that is because its fat content is so low, so make sure to add some sauce when using it for burgers.

Which Is Best?

Regular Ground Beef

Of course, deciding which meat you and your guests would like most is entirely subjective, however there are some general considerations for which would make the better serving.

For starters, both ground beef and ground sirloin are great choices for burgers, but if you are trying to cut back on fats or carbs and want an overall healthier option where you won’t need to worry about fat contents, sirloin will be the best bet.

It is essentially the healthiest meat option you can use for foods that incorporate beef, such as burgers or tacos. 

However, if the number of calories is not as much of a worry, and you just want the maximum amount of flavor to satisfy you and your guests’ taste buds, then go for ground beef, it won’t dry up after cooking like sirloin can and is much cheaper too.

The second thing to consider is how many people you are feeding. If you are planning on having a large party with lots of hungry mouths to feed, then ground beef might be a good idea as it is very cheap and easy to cook.

However, if you are feeding just a small group, then ground sirloin may be the way to go as a unique delicacy that can still be tasty while not breaking the bank.

If you are looking for a quick meal that doesn’t take long to cook, maybe just as a personal snack now and again, then ground beef is again probably the best option.

You can easily throw together and have a burger ready within 10 minutes with ground beef, while ground sirloin on the other hand takes longer to prepare and requires more time to cook, but once cooked it tastes amazing.

So all in all it entirely depends on the situation and what you are looking for.

If you want a much healthier option but don’t mind spending a bit more and not having the maximum amount of taste, then ground sirloin might be just what you are looking for. 

However, for the maximum taste and beef that is guaranteed to come out nice and juicy and is more affordable, ground beef is the best option.

Other Types Of Beef

Make sure to also try out other types of beef as well, especially if you are looking to save money. There are a few different cuts of beef that you can buy, and they each have their own benefits and drawbacks. Here are a couple of examples:

Ground Round

This is basically the same as ground beef but has less fat and is leaner. It is made from the rump of a cow and often has a fairly low fat count and is great to use in a taco or with a side of pasta sauce.

Ground Chuck

This type of beef must contain nothing but meat in the area located near the head of a cow. While it is more of a fatty cut, it is very juicy, making it great for burgers and delicious pot roasts.


The label of hamburger usually does refer to ground beef, however it is more so saying that the meat is mixed with what was leftover from other cuts.

These can be easy to buy, though if you like knowing exactly what is in your beef, consider talking to the butcher directly or even making your own burgers using a meat grinder.


Beef varies massively in terms of what is considered tasty, fresh and healthy. What works for one person may not work for another, and with ground and sirloin beef specifically, they have quite a few key differences that make them stark contrasts.

So when deciding which kind of beef to buy, always make sure to do some research into the pros and cons of each type of beef to help inform you on the best option for your specific situation.

Julian Wells

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