About Us

Jack Thompson

BroBBQ is created and maintained by, me, Jack Thompson, a self appointed barbecue aficionado, I grew up in a vegan family and really had no idea what I was missing until experiencing my first steak at age 12. Quite accidentally actually at a neighbours pool party, they didn’t know I was vegan and I had always wanted to try steak.

Ever since then I’ve had a love for all things meat.

As soon as I was old enough I picked up an old banged up propane smoker at a neighbours garage sale at age 17 and gradually
started collecting a wide assortment of grills, fixing them up with replacement parts and selling them on craigslist.

Before long certain trends started to form.

Some hoods always seemed to be rusty, while certain electric smokers always seemed to have the same wiring short. After
graduating college I found myself in a strange situation, everyone who knew me was always saying:

“Jack, what smoker, grill or brush do you reccomend”

Thus became the inspiration for BroBBQ.

To me, every BBQ attempt is a learning experience. It teaches me to be patient, humble, spontaneous, and sociable.

And everyone knows BBQ doesn’t taste as good without company.

Our mission

At BroBBQ, our main missions are:

  • To create a one-stop site for BBQ. On BroBBQ, there are free lessons about the art of BBQ from A to Z: the perfect heat, the smoking tips, delicious meat cuts, the best sauces, etc.;
  • To spread the love of BBQ by transforming those who follow our site from grilling amateurs to grilling gurus;
  • To provide unbiased BBQ-related product reviews, from the most basic and must-have products to the latest trends, from the affordable for those who treat BBQ as a hobby to rather big-ticket items for those who regard BBQ as a life-changing experience.

We achieve our missions through this platform that can be accessed across all stationary and mobile devices. We believe that BBQ has more meaning to life than just a mere pastime activity. A world without BBQ smoke is a dull world.

If you have any questions about BroBBQ, please contact us here, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest