About Us


When it comes to barbeque, we are by no means masters, which is why we set out to create Bro BBQ. We wanted to learn from our fellow grilling and smoking fanatics to absorb as much knowledge as possible to elevate our barbeque game.

Our mission is to share with you all the things we’ve learned over the years so that you become a more confident and avid barbecuer. Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or claim you’re already a pit master, you’ll find helpful information to keep your love for BBQ strong.

You can expect advice, tips & tricks, recipes, and resources surrounding the following:

  • Grilling & Smoking Guides

  • Recipes

  • Seasonings, Rubs, & Marinades 

  • Prep & Storage Guides

  • BBQ Grills & Equipment Buyer Guides

  • How-to videos

At the end of the day, we want you to be able to use our site as your go-to resource for all things BBQ. We highly encourage our ever-growing community to share their love of BBQ and make new connections to further our passion for barbecue.

You can reach out to us by going to our Contact Us page, or by reaching out via one of our social channels.

The best place to be in the event of a fire... Bro BBQ!

Connor - (Co-Founder / Avid Griller)

Hi, I'm Connor. My whole life I’ve been a pretty picky eater. Food just never did it for me. That was until I had my first BBQ meal in North Carolina where I went to college. Since then, life's been a bit different. I can still remember that day like it was yesterday.

An ocean lover/surfer by day and BBQ fanatic by night, over the years my love for BBQ has grown and if you love BBQ just like me, then you share the joy in prep, cooking, and eating. 

I am by no means close to mastery when it comes to BBQ, but I like to think I'd put up a good fight given the chance for competition. I also love surfing, traveling, and recently picked up playing pickleball, which is a must-try if you haven’t yet.

Sarah - (Recipe Development & Senior Product Manager)

Hi - I’m Sarah. For the past 5 years, I’ve worked in Project Management and Operations where I’ve worked with large retail brands, alongside SaaS platforms and startups.

When it comes to project management, I am responsible for facilitating roadmaps for key stakeholders, organizing and developing a clear system of processes, as well as analyzing the success of projects.

The key to any business is making sure all teams involved in a project have a clear communication flow and a robust understanding of the objective at hand. Fun Fact - Did you know that over 40% of brands don’t understand the value or know they need project management. That’s where I come in!

Hani - (Co-Founder / Grilling Enthusiast)

Hi, I’m Hani. I love to eat a lot and barbecuing is my happy place. There’s no better place to be than standing over a grill, beer in hand, grilling food for my family and friends. I spend most of my time experimenting with recipes, seasonings, and marinating meats to barbecue.

I got into barbecuing to expand my grilling skills, and have been in love with it ever since. I enjoy nothing more than lighting up my grill and bathing in the smoky barbecue aroma. I am not a BBQ expert, but I wanted to share my experiences with others on this website.

Everything I’ve learned and come to know has been through hundreds of Google searches, and hands-on experience to continually try to create something that tastes better and better. Happy eating!

Nora - (Recipe Development & Social Media Manager)

Hi, I'm Nora. I began my social media career six years ago working with bloggers and brands, then started my online store and business. I have worked with a variety of clients, from restaurants to apparel brands and everything in between. The most important thing to be successful on social media is to be a good listener.

You need to be constantly monitoring your social media channels and responding to comments. It’s important to adjust your brand voice based on what your audience is saying about you within your industry. 

As a social media consultant, I help businesses use social media to transform their customer communication, allowing them to communicate with their customers, prospects, and other people in a way that's been previously impossible. I love helping people find their voice online, and have a knack for staying on top of trends and new ideas. 

Everything I’ve learned and come to know has been through hundreds of Google searches, and hands-on experience to continually try to create something that tastes better and better. Happy eating!