15 Grilled Trout Recipes for Cookout Mastery

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Trout surprisingly actually does not taste a lot like fish, however the mild and delicate flavor it does have makes it a great and tasty dish to serve at any occasion.

15 Awesome Grilled Trout Recipes For Every Cookout Master

Trout is also known for its ability to withstand high temperatures, making it perfect for grilling or barbecuing.

Grilled trout can be served with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, onion and many other additions and can be served as an appetizer, main course or side dish.

Cooking up a trout through the grill can be easy enough requiring only a handful of household ingredients, however it can be more fun and in the end tastier to mix your grilled trout with other foods and incorporate it into other types of meals to make a recipe that will blow any guests away, no matter how much of a trout enthusiast they claim to be.

Below we have listed 15 of the tastiest and most fulfilling recipes you should consider when cooking up some trout, so you can make a meal bursting with a memorable taste that everyone wishes they could replicate.

How To Grill Trout

Being full of nutrients and very easy to whip up as a meal, cooking trout so it is ready to put in a recipe has never been easier.

With some butter, seasoning and of course the trout itself, simply season the trout and put it on the grill for about 10 minutes per pound.

Before placing on the grill, ensure the head of the trout is removed, and it has been washed. Preheat the grill to around 400 degrees and coat the trout in oil and any chosen seasonings such as lemon juice.

The trout should be flipped occasionally while grilling and when it’s done, it should have a white and flaky texture.

With such an easy grilling process, it is worth looking at some additions you could add to create the most delicious trout recipe possible. 

1) Tuscan Grilled Trout

15 Awesome Grilled Trout Recipes For Every Cookout Master

A simple but tasty recipe exploding with flavor, before grilling, cover the trout with some garlic and herb infused oil alongside some white vinegar.

The white vinegar can act as both a basting liquid but also a sauce base which adds a nice tangy touch to the dish.

The herbs and garlic are added to infuse the oil with their flavors and add a freshness to the meal, and is a great recipe if you want a trout taste that is nice yet refreshing.

2) Grilled Trout With Lemon And Basil

15 Awesome Grilled Trout Recipes For Every Cookout Master

A delicious combination of flavors, this recipe uses fresh basil and lemon to complement the natural sweetness of the trout.

It’s a refreshing summertime treat that is sure to impress anyone who tries it, and is easy to make with just seasoning these additions on top of your grilled trout.

Basil is a particularly tasteful herb to use with the lime and lemon in this recipe, giving it a wonderful aroma that compliments the sweet taste of the trout.

The freshness of the herbs really comes out in this recipe, which is why it’s a good idea to keep them separate from the rest of the food you are preparing.

3) Grilled Trout With Lemon Parsley Butter

15 Awesome Grilled Trout Recipes For Every Cookout Master

This recipe is for those who don’t mind taking a bit longer in the preparation phase, but want to be rewarded with a rich and creamy dish.

Simply grill the trout for a few minutes until slightly charred and crisp and then when removed, top it off with 2 tablespoons of lemon-parsley butter before serving. 

This butter contains parsley, which gives it a lovely green color and a strong flavor, making it a perfect addition to the dish.

To create the butter, for a 1 pound trout you will need olive oil, parsley sprigs, 1 stick of unsalted butter, 2 teaspoons of finely grated lemon zest and 3 tablespoons of fresh Italian parsley.

Simply mix all these ingredients in a medium bowl and season with some salt and pepper.

Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour before using and when it’s ready, you will have a lush serving to cover your trout that goes perfectly with some lemon wedges to complement the flavor.

4) Basil-Rosemary Grilled Trout

This recipe is similarly made with a mix of herbs and lemons, but has a slightly different method that can drastically change the taste.

Before grilling the trout, simply mix together parsley, olive oil, basil, and garlic and spread these half evenly on the inside of the fish, rather than its surface, and keep it refrigerated for around 2 hours. 

Also keep some lemon slices handy to also place inside the trout.

Once the trout has been grilled, remove the lemon slices and squeeze them over the fish to create a luscious and vibrant tasting trout that just takes a few ingredients to cook. 

5) Spicy Chili Grilled Trout

Maybe you want your trout to have a bit more of a spicy kick to the taste. If so, the spicy chili grilled trout could be just the recipe you’re looking for.

Simply whisk together in a medium-sized bowl some garlic, olive oil, brown sugar, red pepper and salt and pepper. 

Once the spicy mixture has been made, cover it all over the top of the trout and start grilling for about 20-25 minutes.

Once cooked, remove the fish from the grill, and you will have a dish that pleases both seafood lovers, and spice enthusiasts. 

6) Grilled Trout With Chimichurri

For a similar kind of trout that has a bit more of a smoky flavor rather than spicy, simply season the trout with some salt and pepper for taste, along with some onion, garlic and a tablespoon of a chopped jalapeño to give it that hint of spice.

Once cooked, serve with some chimichurri sauce, an Argentinian style marinade that uses parsley, oregano, cilantro and olive oil as its main ingredients.

You can find this at most supermarkets or even online, and can be used to make for a smoky flavored recipe.

7) Grilled Blackened Honey Trout

For lovers of blackening seasoning and honey, this recipe is perfect. Cut the grilled trout into three separate pieces and start by layering some sliced lemon over each. 

With this alongside any chosen seasonings, go ahead and sprinkle some blackening seasoning across each section along with 4 pats of butter and a drizzle of honey to create the sweetest trout possible.

8) Grilled Trout Served With Lemon And Bean Salad

With added lemon juice, oil and some salt, grill the fish until gold and crispy and when finished, simply drizzle the fish with any extra dressings and serve with a bean salad.

Bean salads go great with trout because they are full of protein, fiber and vitamins that help build muscle mass, and can create a healthy and delicious meal.

9) Grilled Trout Mixed With Avocado Salsa

15 Awesome Grilled Trout Recipes For Every Cookout Master

Grill the trout, then add some lime juice, avocado salsa, and some cumin and paprika to the pan once the fish has cooled down. 

Serve with rice and beans, and you will have yourself a wonderful dinner that the avocado lovers will never get enough of.

10) Grilled Trout In Tomato Sauce

15 Awesome Grilled Trout Recipes For Every Cookout Master

Quick, easy and straight to the point, simply cut up a tomato and toss it with olive oil, basil, garlic, salt and pepper into a pan along with some mozzarella cheese, and spread over the trout once finished and grilled.

This may seem like an easy recipe, and that’s the point! It’s easy to make but still full of nutrients and flavor, making it a great option that requires little work to get right.

11) Grilled Trout Mixed With Garlic Butter

15 Awesome Grilled Trout Recipes For Every Cookout Master

For this recipe, season the trout with salt and pepper, then melt some butter on the stove top, and stir in some minced garlic. 

Add this to the pan and let the butter cook out before serving. Because of the butter and garlic mixture this can be a slightly more unhealthy option, though for a one off occasion, it can make for an exciting and tasty dish.

12) Grilled Trout Layered With Feta Cheese

15 Awesome Grilled Trout Recipes For Every Cookout Master

Feta cheese goes well with many things, including trout. In this recipe, season the fish with salt and pepper, and spread some feta cheese over the top, followed by some dried rosemary.

Once grilled, your trout will have a nice cheesy tang to it for all cheese enthusiasts to enjoy.

13) Grilled Trout Sprinkled With Mustard Glaze

15 Awesome Grilled Trout Recipes For Every Cookout Master

Mustard glaze is another simple way to spruce up your grilled trout. To do so, mix together mustard, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and sugar, and brush onto the trout after cooking.

The result? A must-try if you’re looking for something different for your next grilling session.

14) Grilled Trout With Bacon And Pineapple

15 Awesome Grilled Trout Recipes For Every Cookout Master

Bacon and pineapple is always a winning combination, especially when combined with grilled trout. To do this, season the trout with pepper and salt, then wrap it in bacon strips. 

Next, start grilling until both are cooked thoroughly and serve with pineapples for a unique dish anyone will love.

15) Grilled Trout With Lime And Honey

15 Awesome Grilled Trout Recipes For Every Cookout Master

You can just add one or the other, however lime and honey together is just one of those classic combinations that tastes amazing. 

To make this recipe, firstly, sprinkle some salt on the trout, then squeeze in some lime juice. Finally, drizzle over some honey and mix everything together, ready to sprinkle over your trout.

This recipe can be used for any kind of fish, so it is always worth experimenting to find your favorite flavor. 

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Just like all types of fish, never be afraid to experiment with different recipes to ensure you can satisfy the most people, and maybe even find your own new favorite dish in the process.

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