7 Reasons Why Plastic Squeeze Bottles Are the Best

Classic red and yellow plastic squeeze bottles are a long-standing tradition at summer barbecues. Whether you’re grilling at home, picking up a hot dog at the baseball game or chowing down on a burger at the county fair, there is a good chance that you’ve used them — and associate them with grilled goodness.

But plastic squeeze bottles aren’t just for ketchup and mustard anymore. Grilling and barbecue have evolved beyond the old-school fare of mere hot dogs and hamburgers — and condiment squeeze bottles have kept pace with the changes in the way we cook.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a master griller or if you just flip burgers once in a blue moon. (You can even find uses for plastic squeeze bottles if you never barbecue at all!) There are a lot of reasons out there for you to love plastic squeeze bottles, and here are just a few.

Buy Condiments the Economical Way

Buying your condiments in bulk can equal big savings on the grocery bill — especially if you plan to spend the better part of your summer outside in front of the grill. But no one really wants to try to dress their dinner with a three-gallon bottle of ketchup. It’s inconvenient, it’s awkward and it’s a surefire way to make a mess of your meal.

But when you stock up on a set of reusable condiment squeeze bottles, you can feel free to buy large-format containers of your favorite toppings and then simply decant them for convenient use. Enjoy the savings of bulk purchasing and the ease of using BBQ squeeze bottles.

Add to Your Cooking Toolkit

The days of barbecue being just about burgers on a grill are long gone. Today’s grillmaster is a chef in his or her own right — creating delectable dishes that require more finesse than just meat-plus-fire. But outdoor grilling comes with its own set of challenges: you don’t have all the tools or space available to you in the kitchen. And things can get a little messy.

Plastic squeeze bottles can be a surprisingly useful addition to your toolset here. Fill them with glazes, marinades, or barbecue sauce to make adding flavor to your steaks, chops, ribs or even burgers a breeze. Jars can be hard to handle and make it difficult to evenly distribute your choice of sauce. But squeeze bottles give you complete control — letting you avoid sticky messes on your grill and finish your food to perfection.

Plastic condiment squeeze bottles are great for oils
Plastic condiment squeeze bottles are great for oils too!

Choose a Safe Alternative to Glass

Barbecuing often comes with a lot of excitement. Camping, picnics, parties and other summer events don’t just mean breaking out the grill — there are often more people around to socialize and spend time together. The enjoyment of a barbecue can be quickly cut short, however, by broken glass around your grill.

Many of our favorite condiments come in attractive glass jars that look great but aren’t especially suited to use at an outdoor event. If you have children around while grilling or are expecting a large crowd where condiments may get bumped and jostled, plastic squeeze bottles are the safest way to serve up tasty toppings.

Go Beyond Grilling

Even the most dedicated grillmaster doesn’t want a diet entirely composed of barbecue. And plastic squeeze bottles can serve as many purposes as you can dream up for them.

Want to make pancakes? Fill a squeeze bottle with batter and get creative with the shapes and styles. Want a fairground treat at home? Use your plastic squeeze bottles over the deep fryer to make your very own fried dough treats. Are you planning to host a cocktail party? Store mixes and simple syrups in your squeeze bottles to wow your guests by creating complicated drinks with minimal effort and mess.

Add condiments to your meal with ease with squeeze bottles!
Add condiments to your meal with ease with squeeze bottles!

Make and Store Your Own Condiments

If you’ve got a little bit of a creative side when cooking, you might prefer to make sauces and condiments yourself to satisfy your own tastes — or those of your guests. Homemade condiments can also be a handy solution for dealing with dietary restrictions. Store bought sauces can be full of ingredients that render them off-limits for people with health issues or allergies.

With your own set of condiment squeeze bottles, you can customize sauce and topping recipes to ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re keeping an old family recipe alive or whipping up some gluten-free ketchup to suit your neighbor’s diet, plastic squeeze bottles offer a perfect way to store and serve your homemade condiments.

Take Your Meals on the Road

When you eat at home, it’s easy to have everything you need for the perfect meal on hand. But eating on the road shouldn’t mean that you settle for lesser quality food. Whether you’re camping in a remote wilderness, picnicking in a local park, dining at your desk or eating in your car during a cross-country road trip, it’s always nice to have some special touches to make your meal taste like home.

Plastic squeeze bottles make it easy to add condiments to any meal on the go. They’re portable, durable enough to transport your sauces and toppings without worries of spills or leaks, and you can fill them with whatever condiment takes your fancy. Owning a set of squeeze bottles means you’ll never have to settle for another dry sandwich or burger while away from home again.

Keep Your Sauces Neat and Organized

Who doesn’t love an organized kitchen cupboard or pantry? But keeping sauces and condiments neatly organized can be a challenge — especially if you like to have a wide selection. Condiments, sauces and oils come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and it can be tricky to get them all lined up in your cupboard. Decanting them into matching, easy-to-label plastic squeeze bottles makes organization a breeze.

Keep your sauces neat and organized!
Keep your sauces neat and organized!

And what about those sticky circles on your shelves — where sauce caught in a lid has dripped down the side of a jar? Condiment squeeze bottles can also solve this problem. They make it easy to neatly dispense sauces, salad dressings, condiments and more — so you won’t have to pry them off your cupboard shelf next time you want to use them.

Add Plastic Squeeze Bottles to Your Kitchen

The uses for plastic squeeze bottles are virtually endless. The only limit is your imagination. They’re rugged, safe to use anywhere, easy to clean, reusable and an inexpensive addition to your kitchen toolkit.

Whether you’re an experienced griller or a novice at the barbecue makes no difference. Everyone can appreciate the convenience and versatility of plastic squeeze bottles — at home, on the road, at work, or at your favorite event.

Ready to add BBQ squeeze bottles to your cooking arsenal? Check out the best squeeze bottles here. Pick up your very own set (at an affordable price) and put them to work for you.