5 Best Natural Gas Grills For The Money (Updated January 2020)

Grilling is a fun activity that you traditionally do in your backyard or your deck, gathered with friends or family. That’s what the best natural gas grills are great for. Good, old-fashioned backyard grilling.

They’re not really meant to be moved around all the time, although some of them might have some of the characteristics of portable grills. Let’s take a look to see what these units can offer you with.

We’ve selected a few great ones and hopefully you’ll be able to choose which one is for you. So, here you go.

# Product Name Suface (in2) Dimensions (in) Weight (lb) Burner BTU Price
1 Weber Spirit Natural Gas Grill 360 32 × 50 × 63 125 26500 Check price
2 Weber Genesis II S-310 Natural Gas Grill 513 29 × 54 × 45 168 37500 Check price
3 Napoleon Triumph Natural Gas Grill 550 50.5 × 22 × 45 95 44700 Check price
4 Napoleon LEX Natural Gas Grill 920 68.5 × 27.2 × 49.2 290 90500 Check price
5 Dyna-Glo 5-burner Premium Grill 764 56.7 × 24.6 × 46.3 126.1 55000 Check price

best natural gas grill

Is Choosing a Natural Gas Grill a Wise Option?

If you decide to go with gas for your grilling experience, you should know that gas grills come in two flavors: propane and natural gas. Natural gas grills have certain pros and a few drawbacks too, which you must be aware of before deciding on the brand or model etc.

Increased Convenience

These units work by virtue of direct lines to the grill and this set up is way more convenient than the propane powered one any day. There is no risk of running out of fuel as you can access as much of natural gas you need to cook up a tasty meal.

More Economical

If you are a grill master in the true sense, whipping up a BBQ every now and then, this one using natural gas can save a lot of your costs. The natural ones are supposed to be operating at 1/6th of the cost of propane.

In fact, with natural gas, the fun part is the more frequent you are using the grill; the less will be your monthly expenditure because you are making the most of the available resource. One refill of a propane tank costs you higher than a monthly gas bill for sure.

Care for the Environment

There’s no point harming the environment in the process of serving ourselves with tasty foods. With a natural gas one, you have lesser carbon dioxide emissions while the entire process remains cleaner as well.

Is Natural Gas Grill Without a Drawback?

Well, each option has its cons and a natural gas unit is not without any. These can be a little difficult to set up, not to mention that the upfront costs can be on the higher side too.

The supply line of the gas is fixed and hence, you can never move around the unit unlike portable ones. But that being said, if you are most comfortable grilling at your place, then either the installation or the immobility shouldn’t be a problem at all.

We say, go ahead and give them a try. They might just be the right grilling solution for you. Otherwise, you can refer more to other types of gas grills, we think you’ll find the right one for you

Reviews of the Best Natural Gas Grills for 2020

1. Weber 47100001 Spirit S210 Natural Gas Grill

Napoleon LEWeber 47100001 Spirit S210 Natural Gas GrillX605RSBINSSLet’s start with a great natural gas BBQ grill from The Weber Spirit. This grill amazingly blends style and function in the most desired manner.

It has a sleek design, with stainless steel shroud, door and burners and porcelain enameled cast-iron cooking grates, which are easy to clean and require no seasoning. The cook box is made of cast aluminum, meaning it’s durable and requires minimal maintenance.

It has a large main cooking surface, and a necessary warming rack. It also features two side shelves, which give you enough room to prepare your food and hang your utensils although raising or lowering them is not as smooth as they should be.

The grill comes with Weber’s own invention: Flavorizer Bars system, which catches drippings and vaporizes them to add more flavor to your food. Whatever drippings are not vaporized are drained out.

Connecting this grill to the gas line is easy, with its 10-foot hose.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Includes long, flexible hose
  • Plenty of space for cooking and preparation


  • Side shelves can be difficult to raise and lower
  • Temperature can be tricky to control

2. Weber 66000001 Genesis II S-310 Natural Gas Grill

Weber 66000001 Genesis II S-310Let’s go for another Weber made model that comes under $1000. They have been perfecting the art of grill making for over fifty years, so it’s no surprise that they make some pretty good ones.

This grill has a good built quality and it seems and feels solid and robust. It provides lots of cooking space with three stainless steel high performance burners, cast-iron cooking grates and a warming rack, along with two side shelves and six tool hooks, all in an open cart design.

Weber’s advanced technologies are also evident in this grill. It includes Weber’s Flavorizer Bars for food with an extra touch of flavor and a new grease management system, which reduces the risk of flare-ups.

You also won’t have to worry about your food being burned in this grill, since it’s iGrill ready and you can have your phone alert you when you’re supposed to take it out. How far has technology come!

This grill is not exactly cheap, but it might very well be worth the money.


  • Individually controlled burners
  • Easy assembly
  • Compatible with iGrill


  • Grease tray is always exposed
  • Temperature can be hard to regulate

3. Napoleon T410SBNK Triumph Natural Gas Grill

NapoleNapoleon T410SBNK Triumph Natural Gas Grill with 3 Burnerson LEX605RSBINSSA budget-friendly model from Napoleon, this particular unit might not be of premium quality but it has everything you want in a grill. In fact, if you are looking for a portable and light grill that does not consume much space, you can certainly go for this one.

While promising a robust construction that is durable, it also has a great design and looks stylish wherever you place it, making you a proud owner for sure.

It has three independently controlled steel stainless steel burners and a porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grids, which help provide consistent and evenly distributed heat and prevent food from getting stuck.

The independent burners allow for an easier and more accurate control of the temperature. The grill also has two foldable shelves with utensil holders. One of the shelves includes a side burner.

So, you see, you will not be exactly missing the features of a more expensive grill with this one, even though it’s not as high-end.

In fact, you will even enjoy one feature not included in most other grills: an incorporated bottle opener, so you have to run looking for one in a drawer when you or your friends want to open your drink.

The Napoleon one is certainly a lot of grill for the money.


  • Compact design with fast heating abilities
  • Independently controlled burners and integrated thermometer
  • Easy to clean
  • Roomy area underneath


  • The drip pan is made of aluminum foil
  • Not a very high-end model

4. Napoleon LEX605RSBINSS Natural Gas Grill

Napoleon LEX605RSBINSSThis one is another model from Napoleon, which is also a premium quality unit with a lot of power to help you cook meals on a pretty large scale. However, the price, too, is on the higher side though it often seems justified compared to all the features incorporated in this model.

Napoleon is a well-known brand and it is well-known for producing some high-quality models striking the right balance of robustness and technological innovations. Their grills go from mid-range to upper range.

This high-end model has six burners, which are responsible for all the power this grill can deliver. The construction is all in stainless steel, including the side shelves, which you can use as working space with the included cutting board, as a cooler, as a condiment storage space, or as a side burner.

Apart from the six burners, the grill also has a rear infrared burner. So, in one grill, you have the possibility to go from searing to baking like and oven to rotisserie roasting, all the while you’re making your favorite sauce on the side burner and your friends and family are enjoying cold drinks right out of the ice box.

It also has some little touches: for example, the control knobs are backlit, which just makes it look really cool and sophisticated and adds to the general feel of quality this grill has.

This is one true versatile grill and one of the best outdoor natural grills out there. If you have free reign on your spending, this is definitely a great high- quality grill to go for.


  • Great build quality
  • Achieves high temperatures
  • Full featured
  • Backlit control knobs


  • Not really for people on a budget
  • Grill is quite heavy

5. Dyna-Glo Black &Stainless Premium Grill, 5 Burner

Dyna-Glo Black & Stainless Premium Grills, 5 BurnerWe continue with a gorgeous grill from the reputed brand Dyna-Glo. This grill just looks good.

Sporting an elegant cabinet two-door design, it is very well-built, and is meant to be used in any weather, sunshine, rain or snow. It’s a great model under $500 too, offering good value for your money.

It has a double-wall firebox with five stainless steel burners that deliver lots of power over an ample cooking surface. There are three heavy gauge cooking grates, also in stainless steel.

The lid has a double-wall liner, which retains heat better and improves the cooking efficiency of the burners, and it also has heavy gauge steel end caps.

The unit comes with a side burner, for side dishes and sauces, and infrared rotisserie burners, so you’ll have more cooking options.

You’ll have no problems cooking full meals in this grill or checking the grill zone temperature with the integrated temperature gauge.

What you have in this grill is not only a grill, but a complete grilling/cooking/roasting solution, one in which you can cook pretty much anything you can think of (and of almost any size).

The surface of the unit gets too hot too fast, which can be a little troublesome especially for the beginners.


  • Ample cooking surface
  • Heats up fast
  • Easy to assemble


  • Surface can get too hot
  • Gas hose could be longer

Final Thoughts

We’ve shown you some pretty good ones, but what is the Best Natural Gas Grill for 2020? We’ll give you our appreciation, but it’s ultimately for you to decide.

The best model is always the one, which balances all the necessary features such as cooking potential, size, material etc. and yet does over make you go over budget. So, while some models are really good, their high price point becomes their main drawback.

With all these factors in mind and with careful consideration of the fact that spending too much on a grill is definitely not something everyone is willing to do, we suggest you to go for one of the Weber models.

The Weber grills we included in the list are also well-built, they have a lot features and do not cost as much. With a Weber, you’ll get a good grill at a good price.

The decision is, of course, yours. We just want you to know the best options in the market you have, so you can go ahead and get the natural gas grill that’s right for you.