5 Best Rated Grill Smoker Combo To Buy

The grill smoker combo might sound like a facade to many but we tell you, this baby is a beast and blessing all in one. It is super effective and multifunctional equipment totally wiping out the stress of smoking and grilling separately on two pieces of equipment, as these combos are meant to serve these purposes all in one device.

Most of these devices allow you to do more roasting and baking. For this reason, we urge you to chill out on your pockets because these combos are budget saving and do amazing jobs.

In this review we look at 5 different brands of the best grill smokers combos, having chosen them as the bests of the bests basing their functionality on their construction & durability, food making size, quality of food results, temperature control, pricing, availability, and warranty offerings.

Like many other products, there are quite a number of productions on sale. However, the question is, what is the best grill smoker combo for you that is long-lasting, efficient, and will save you a lot of money and stress. See this guide that teaches how to make the best of your grill smoker combo.

These combos are one of the newest technologies to hit mother earth. So to aid you to make the best choice, here we have a list of the best combination grill smokers:



Reviews of The Best Grill Smoker Combo

1. Traeger Texas Elite 34 Grill & Smoker

Traeger Texas Elite Grill Smoker

The most rated grill smoker combo on the high side of the budget. However, we love the design of this machine which is sleek to give your grilling space that great look.

Traeger offers the widest cooking surface area from our list. It is definitely a good choice for big parties. It was designed to be easy to use even by a grilling/smoking beginner.

As this grill is powered by electricity supported by wood pellets, lighting the combo for use is effortless. It has a maximum temperature of 450°F giving just enough room to avoid high temperatures which is very important for anyone that isn’t familiar with how temperatures work.

It is also well built with porcelain and powdered coated cold rolled steel which secures its durability for long lasting usage.

The Traeger Company offers up to 3 years warranty when purchasing this combo.


  • Easily cleaned
  • Wide cooking surface area
  • Includes 4 wheels for easy mobility
  • Great for an entry-level user


  • Heavy for quick mobility

2. Pit Barrel Classic Cooker

Classic Pit Barrel Cooker PackageWith over 500 positive reviews on Amazon, this barrel is the most rated smoker grill. It is an 8-racked charcoal cooking unit with hanging hooks. Each grate serves a 240 square inch cooking surface area and cooks over 13 lbs. of the whole brisket in good timing.

This is a great choice for big numbers and has a good stainless steel build which guarantees no rust – durability is secured!

This home smoker grill is a 30-gallon drum coated with porcelain for resisting wear from weather changes and is designed to cook under good temperatures, spanning around 300°F. This top-rated smoker grill barrel guarantees an even cook and due to the science behind its design.

An advantage to this combo is the product support offered by the Pit Barrel company offering up to a year’s warranty which is a great offer for its high quality and affordable cost.



  • Very easy to use
  • Simple but solid design
  • Affordable
  • Makes food for big numbers


  • Can only use a specific brand of charcoal

3. Woodwind Camp Chef Smoker Grill with Sear Box

Woodwind Camp Chef Smoker Grill with Sear BoxLooking for something on the higher side of the budget? This device serves that purpose is large enough for big sized parties with its wood pellet fueling feature. This is worth the price!

It comes with a sear box and a wide range of temperature options, ranging from 160°F to 500°F including a 900°F on the sear box. Most wood pellet grills are known to have bad grilling results but this one stays competitive as it is designed to solve this problem.

Its built with a well thought out design that makes cleaning one of the easiest processes compared to many other high-end pellet grills. The grates are solidly made keeping you wow-ing at the beautiful marks on your food when done.

For those not interested in staying by the fire while cooking, it is specifically built with automatic temperature controls that leave you to do other things while cooking.

As a new invention with shortfalls in previous makes, this version is one of the great standards taking a lot of grilling needs into factor.


  • Easily lighted
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Wide cooking area size
  • 6 – tier functionality


  • High temperatures could lead to burns

4. Pit Boss 71220 Kamado Smoker Grill

Pit Boss 71220 Kamado Smoker GrillKamado smoker grills are known to be very good heat insulators due to their ceramic build and this version of it is no exception.

This ceramic grill smoker, which is the smaller size of the two kinds in production, serves as one of the best smoker grills for the money.

Considering its make, you can be sure of stable temperature consistencies when smoking, grilling, searing or baking pizzas. The ceramic build holds and retains heat well, making food turn out nicely done and juicy.

It is beautiful to look upon sitting in a 2 layer, stainless steel grill grate for adjusting food while cooking. Also an exterior thermometer and cast iron made damper – to make your control of temperatures seamless, a strong lid hinge, 304 square inches stainless steel cooking grid, and a free ash removal tool to clean up ash.

We love this Egg which is of good pricing, easily available and has over 10 years warranty to it.


  • Stainless steel build
  • Added bamboo shelves for handling and storage
  • Added wheels for mobility and stability
  • Easy to read thermometer


  • Fragile due to ceramic make

5. Char-Broil TRU Smoker Grill

Char-Broil TRU Smoker GrillThis combo is a 3-tier functional device; smoking, grilling and roasting. It seems fancy at first glance but is a super power cooker for evenly cooked meals without charcoal or oil.

This wood smoker sits in 3 layers of grate which can cook up to 25 lbs. of food by infrared which keeps food properly seared on the outside and done on the inside but juicy as you will imagine. It has a modern look with an internal smoker box to fill in wood chips that are used to support its infrared or grill form of cooking.

The strongest advantage of this device is its design which avoids flare ups when cooking which makes it safe to use and avoids food burns.

It is a very affordable grill smoker with an average pricing under $500 and it is the perfect home smoker grill for individual use or for a small family. One other cool feature is that it is easily assembled.


  • Infrared and grilling options for cooking
  • Sizable for easy mobility
  • Very affordable for the good job it does


  • Weak in build and easily rusted

Which one is the best for your need

Having done this review, what is the best smoker grill to buy?

We will go for the Traeger Texas Elite 34 Grill & Smoker!!

This is the best grill smoker combo because it serves the purpose of all the other 5 combos perfectly with the widest cooking surface area, its electricity usage for safety, its durability and long-term warranty.

This budget device is sure to last for a long time and will serve you for when you have a larger family size. It is perfect for making food for big parties.

It’s temperature control makes safety a key factor for its operation and for this reason, even a beginner is rest assured while using this device.

To read even further and find out more about this subject, take another look at The Best Gas Charcoal Grill Combos to complete all your research correctly!

Why buy a grill smoker combo?

Before we dive in deeper, you might be wondering what these machines do for the newbies to grilling/ smoking. These types of equipment are nothing more than a smoker and a griller combined into one to better serve the purpose of a smoker, a griller, a roaster and more in some cases.


Grilling, smoking, roasting are key cooking methods for making sumptuous foods these days, hence, why having one of these pieces of equipment is as good as having a stove. You might find yourself wanting to learn new recipes of which many will need the use of this device.

It’s just the destination the world is headed to. Get with the times and join the modern world of smoking and grilling!

Budget Friendly

They are well designed and are made in a variety of affordable options if you are concerned about cashing out on another piece of equipment. In the long term, you will only realize that having bought this combination has saved you a lot more money than coping with single-purpose devices

Space Essence

The days of stocking your backyard with single functional equipment are over. These multifunctional modern technologies are cost effective and space saving. For this reason, your worries about where to keep such equipment is over as this is an all-in-one and will beautify your backyard

Learning Benefit

If you are entirely new to smoking or grilling, consider getting one of these babies. We suggest this because these devices are designed to keep you safe when using them. Why not explore them since they give you the flare to cook your meals in a safe, healthy and delicious way.

The Party Plus

You may say you are an introvert and this does not apply to you. Trust us, the party day is drawing very close. Outdoor parties without an option of smoking and grilling could render your party unentertaining. So to avoid disappointments, invest in one of these.

What should you look out for when buying a grill smoker combo?

Is it versatile in function?

This is what this device is all about, the ability to smoke, grill and do more possibly. Anything less than this is not a smoker grill combo.

Can you make more food at a go?

Determine the number of people you are likely to feed and purchase a device that serves this need. With all the functions this device serves you will be able to not only feed more people but also cook more food than you would ever need.

Is it reasonably priced?

Aim for an option that works with your budget and satisfies your needs as well. Not necessarily cheap as you will get cheap and stressful results, and not costly which is inspired by brand names.

Are temperatures easily controlled with it?

The device should clearly have a thermometer inward or outward to help you control temperatures with ease. There should be enough vents/dampers to aid this process as well. Anything not in this category, ignore it, otherwise, your hands might be the item for grilling.

Are it and its parts easy to find?

Amazon is a great way to check for this. Some brands restrict the availability of their products to some dealerships which could be time-consuming when looking for a grill smoker combo. This means if you need to change some parts of the combo after a while, you are sure to face the same difficulty finding them. Choose combos that are readily available in an open market backed by a virtual community for your easy finds.

Check for warranties of at least 1 year. Companies that offer no warranties cannot be relied on. You might have a manufacturing fault after your purchase and the warranty will come in handy.