Best Grill Pans For Mind Blowing Indoor Barbecues

Grill pans are part of a cook’s essential as they allow for a good cook with pretty designs indoor.

You can make anything with it and we especially love them for improvisation too. For example, you can make some crunchy paninis with them and you will be blessed by the results.

Tag along as we share the best grill pans that will take your cooking to a whole new level.

They are often great in space, you literally can make food for 3 or more people in one turn.

Best Grill Pans

Choosing the most appropriate grill pan

Grill pans are simply designed inventions but need a few checks here and there to be sure that they are the best kind for an amazing job.

What’s is the material build.

The best material choice for them is often cast iron for the kind of heavy duty cooking that the pan will be involved.

To prevent your pan from melting over the fire, ensure to get a make that is strong and durable to stand the pressure of direct for heating it.

The good make will also ensure that it holds a good amount of heat to cook the food well

They should have a non- stick coating.

Yes and yes!! They ought to.

Grilling is often done with little oil leaving the pan with very little grease to get the work done.

The non-stick element then comes in to ensure that the food does not stick to the bottom of the pan while it cooks. This prevents hardships when cooking.

The non-stick element also comes in handy for ease when cooking, however, ensure that this coating is not a hindrance to the good amount of heat that will be needed to cook the food well.

They should be properly lined within

Most grill pans are often lined 1 to 2 centimeters apart with 0.5 centimeters of depth to allow the juices of the food drop

A good set up like this will allow your food to cook out nicely giving you a good press in marks for the appetizing look that you will love to see.

Make sure the lines within are not jam-packed as this will defeat the purpose of having a beautiful grill.

They should have cool to touch handles

This is very important as the heated metal will give you a bad burn if the heat reaches its handles.

It is better to choose ones that have cool to touch handles to aid you with comfortable handling.

Using napkins or cooking gloves are ok, but if there is the option to avoid the extra task, you might as well go for it even if it costs you a little more dollars

Reviews of the best grill pan

1. Cuisinart C130-23CR Grill Pan

1. Cuisinart C130-23CR Grill PanThis is a classic cast iron grill pan which is ideally great for cooking light foods. Food cooks in complete doneness as it is designed to limit the intensity of marks on the food.
This makes the ideal grill pan for fish.

The porcelain inner coating is perfectly done which allows food lift from its grids effortlessly. You are guaranteed of no burns with foods that will turn just perfectly fine.

The pan is durable and hefty which tells of its quality. You can use it for years and this pan will remain to look good as new.

It has a beautiful coat of color on the outside making it pretty to sit on your kitchen shelves. Admire as much as you want for it was made for that too.

It comes with convenient helper handle that is cool touch which gives you all the comfortability you need while cooking.


  • Great size
  • Cleans easily
  • Excellent value


  • Heavy

2. Utopia Kitchen Pre- Seasoned Cast Iron

2. Utopia Kitchen Pre- Seasoned Cast IronOffering a 3-in-1 piece set which includes a 10-inch pan, 8-inch pan, and 6-inch for different quantities of food when cooking but the same excellent result.

These are a good set of stovetop grill pans that are pre-seasoned with soy-based oil to top its non-stick nature. After purchase, the initial seasoning will last you a long time of use, but it is ideal to do a frequent re-seasoning to keep the pans in good shape for a long time.

Its cast iron material make is one of the healthiest for ensuring that meals are made in the best healthy environments.

The pans are very accommodating and durable to handle all kinds of foods but not the best grill pan for the glass cooktop.

Cleaning does not require soap at all. Do not use any kind of soap to wash it as this is a full cast iron make. Just use some hot water and a brush to clean it. It will do just fine.


  • Good for heavy duty cooking
  • Enough pans for different things
  • Good weight


  • Not perfectly smooth
  • Might be pricey

3. Lodge L8SGP3

3. Lodge L8SGP3This is a thick one that will cook every kind of food to the best doneness as required. Be it steak, pork, chicken, or vegetables; take total control of your fire and this pan will do amazing.

It is an excellent indoor grill pan which can be used on all cooking surfaces. It devices its goodness from its flat surfaced bottom that sits well on all surfaces making it an all-rounder.

Cooking food is even as it retains and distributes heat well which is what you want for a comfortable food activity and thereafter for creating the most beautiful marks on meats, fish etc.

After cooking, simply and immediately wash the pan with hot water and a brush. You can use some coarse salt and boiling water to remove difficult stains, then towel dry it clean.

Make sure to not use any form of soap to wash it as this is not the way to clean cast iron grill pans.

It is pre-seasoned and can be used just like that after purchase. However, ensure to do an occasional seasoning to keep it in good shape for a longevity.


  • Good non-stick grill pan
  • Awesome grill
  • Great iron pan


  • Heavy

4. Staub 12-inch Grill Pan and Press

4. Staub 12-inch Grill Pan and PressHoping to be a pampered chef, this pan will treat you like royalty, except for the fact that it is very heavy.

It has the deepest ridges from our selection to cook foods at a good level away from the heat and marks your food beautifully as though char-grilled.

Very well sized as one of the largest on the market, this is the kind to have to grill enough food for a big family dinner. For this feature, we especially like this it.

A grill pan for gas stove, enjoy sipping in all of its worth with tireless cooking. Made with graphite, it passes for a ceramic grill pan in strength and durability to be used for many years for grilling. You can actually pass this down to your daughter and have some family history going.

Clean it in the dishwasher or by hands with soap and you will have no issues.

Finally, we like it for the fact that it comes with a lid, to provide steam to your cook when needed. It is the only one on this list with this feature making it special.


  • Excellent for chicken
  • For heavy duty cooking
  • Good for indoors


  • Expensive
  • Paint chips away

5. Le Creuset Square Skillet Grill

5. Le Creuset Square Skillet GrillThe cutest grill pan ever!!

Cute but powerful and functional is what this one is. Like the Staub kind, it has deep ridges to cook food at a decent level and leaves pretty grill marks afterward.

It is an ideal one to have as a young couple so you do not need to stress about buying a grill already.

It is affordable and offers a good cooking space to make food for at least 3 people. The pour spouts built in it makes it easy to pour out grease while cooking and this is a rare add up to have for a utensil.

It is a good grill pan for electric stove because of its weight but you can actually use it on all stovetops.

The handle may get too hot while cooking so you will need to be careful when handling. Simply work with gloves and you should be fine.

Finally, cleaning is easy because of its non-stick feature which can be done in the dishwasher.


  • Good quality
  • Affordable
  • Good results


  • Handle heats up fast

Which is the best grill pan?

A hard choice to make but we go for the Cuisinart C130-23CR Grill Pan.

It is a good balance between ceramic and cast iron pans meaning it is decently heavy but offers great durability.

Well sized to cook different foods and quantities while yielding good results. It is not uncontrollably heated giving you a decent design on your food but with good doneness.

Note that overly heated pots have the tendencies of destroying the nutrients contained in foods, so a kind that adsorbs just enough heat for a good cook is to be taken. This utensil offers this and we like it for it.

It comes in a range of beautiful colors to keep your kitchen looking pretty. Do not hesitate to get one if you like it too.