Best Grill Cleaners To Keep Your Unit Sparkling Clean

You have greasy food and burnt aliments inside your grill and you must be tired of using your wire brush and making a mess around. Your local market might have a range of the best grill cleaners but that makes you even more spoilt for a choice and you don’t know which one to settle with.

Never fear, we are here to do that for you. It happened to everyone, after a barbecue night and having fun, and then the next day you have to clean the BBQ grill.

Once you see the grill, you are already discouraged since you know it will take most of your day and might still have food stuck in it. You tried using bristles and wire brush but to no avail, some are still stuck and you’re pulling your hair out figuring how to clean this before your day is over.

Now heading to your local shop, you find a couple of grill cleaners all advertised as the best. You don’t know which one to choose or is worth the price.

This is where we intervene to provide you with the help you need. Here are the some of the best models reviewed for 2019:

Best Grill Cleaner

Why a Grill Cleaner is a must have?

Not taking care of your grill or even your oven one can have some serious effects upon it. If not cleaned regularly, the food accumulates and then it starts to get stained.

With repetitive uses without good cleaning, the metal can start to rust and break down. In addition to that, the gas released from the burned food may stick to the meat onto your next use making it toxic for your health.

What we will do for you is to review all of the 5 best grill cleaners mentioned above with criteria such as the time taken to clean them, if it is practical, how much effort is needed and if it really removed the food easily as advertised.

Reviews of the Best Grill Cleaners for 2019

1. Weber Grill Cleaner Spray

Now Weber is one of the leading manufacturers of grilling and its accessories. Providing what they perceive to be the best grill cleaner products, they have extended their range of products to the cleaning side of it.

Weber Grill Cleaner Spray

Their products are always trustworthy since they manufacture them specifically for certain everyday issues you might encounter. Now taking the product as an example, it is one of the most practical tools you have in your kitchen for cleaning, especially for grills.

You don’t have to worry having it around the kitchen since this barbecue grill cleaner is certified non-toxic and does not irritate your skin either. What is great about it is that it has exceeded the international standard in terms of biodegradability.

Since it is in spray form, you can adjust the nozzle to spray on wide and as well as difficult to reach areas. It is easy to use for your grill cleaning as we have tested.

As for the way of using it, just spray or apply onto your grill cooking grates as well as the grease soiled area. Allow 1-2 minutes so that the liquid can penetrate the grease and sticky/burnt meat after which, take a wet towel and start wiping it clean.

The BBQ grill cleaner works really well on to both grill and grill plates. If you follow the directions then nothing out of the expected should happen. A difference we have seen while we tried it is that the grill plates as well as the stainless grates are shinier than before after having used the product on it.


  • Comes in different sizes 8oz, 16oz and 24oz
  • Not toxic and does not irritate the skin
  • Effective for both grill and grill plates


  • Some inconsistency in quality
  • Unable to handle large amount of grease

2. Easy-Off Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner

Easy-Off Professional Oven & Grill CleanerThis particular gas grill cleaner is one of the must-haves in the kitchen. It can be put to multiple uses.

Advertised as being ideal for the cleaning of barbecue grills, broiler pans, oven and oven doors, it does its work with heightened expertise.

Now if you have booked a part of the day only for deep cleaning, it is ideal too for the same reason. It is also apparently designed to penetrate tough grease and food spills and lets out a fresh scent upon spraying.

As for the ways of using this stainless steel grill cleaner, you should always hold the can upright to avoid inhaling the contents when spraying. Make sure you wear long gloves.

Spray once and then wait a minimum of 5 minutes before applying it on the grill plates. If used inside over, wait 20 minutes for cold oven and 5 for heated ones.

The model works pretty well for tough grease and sticky burnt food as we tried. You, however, need to make sure you follow the directions so that you do not harm yourself.


  • Works well against tough and sticky food
  • Good for deep cleaning
  • Pretty flexible in its can spray form


  • Need to wear a mask since it produces fumes
  • Exceeding the waiting time might damage the plates

3. Magic Stone Compac Grill Cleaner

Magic Stone Compac Grill CleanerWhile other manufacturers use recycled glass which might have been chemically tinted to contain corrosive substances.

Magic Stone makes them with pure glass meaning you will essentially avoid getting contaminated by substances such as cadmium and arsenic. The good thing about the steam cleaner is that microorganism cannot use them as hosts hence reducing the chance of getting serious skin infections.

This grill cleaner spray does not absorb any vapors or liquid either meaning you don’t have to worry about it being damaged in your kitchen or garage.

With this one, you are assured of having a quality consistent product since the brick density is controlled too with its 5cm thickness.

If you’ve ever tried spray on a grill and the content goes right through it, then the magic stone is probably right for you. Just be prepared to oil your elbows since it might take a few bricks to get the desired result.

The grill cleaner is eco-friendly, non-toxic and easy to use as such.


  • It does not irritate the skin
  • Not toxic so can be kept around the kitchen and garage
  • Easy to use


  • It takes more than two stones
  • Takes lots of efforts and time to clean it all

4. CLR PB-BBQ-26 BBQ Grill Cleaner

CLR PB-BBQ-26 BBQ Grill CleanerThis particular grill grate cleaner is advertised as being able to cut through grease and baked on sticky food on the inside and even outside of your equipment. The substance is biodegradable, non-toxic as well as non-flammable.

Once applied the correct way, it triggers a powerful foam reaction the starts breaking off the grease. You should always test it on a small area (hidden) before cleaning the required surface or grill.

As for the directions of use, make sure to brush off the charred deposit first wearing protective gloves. On a cool grill, spray full onto it and let the liquid soak for 1-5 minutes. Then clean with a brush until the greasy stuffs are loosened after which, you can rinse it with cool water.

Although the liquid lacks some active ingredients via chemicals, it does a good job cleaning charred surfaces of charcoal along with the barbecue grill itself. Also the grime can sometimes turn green which may require you to brush it off once it dries.

You should probably keep it in a safe area even though it is non-toxic to some extent, it does trigger some foaming reaction meaning there are some chemicals in it.


  • It is not toxic and does not harm the environment
  • Leads to a powerful foam that breaks tough grease
  • Waiting time is quite short


  • It needs some prep time before using
  • Lacks chemicals needed to do the job in some cases

5. Grill Cleaning Spray by Citrusafe

Grill Cleaning Spray by CitrusafeComing in its spray form, it is very flexible and provides one of the best ways to clean your barbecue grid and grates. Also it makes it very easy to get to the harder areas.

It has no artificial chemical reaction from the ingredients used in it which are mostly natural. It can be used to remove from tough stains to grease and grimes.

As for the directions for use, apply it to the grill’s cooking surface along with the surrounding grease area. Allow one minute for the substance to penetrate the grease.

Then either wipe with a brush or wet towel then rinse with water. Don’t forget to put the nozzle on “off” while storing it.
Remember that the instructions are purely to be used on the cold surface; do not heat the grill or the grates ever.
Now like most products of the same kind, the Citrusafe does the job it advertises for.


  • It is competitively priced
  • Easy to use and short waiting time
  • Not much effort needed to get the job done


  • It lacks chemical power in some instances
  • Does not get rid of all type of grease


So, what is the best cleaner for BBQ grills? After going through all of the five products and testing them for you, we have all agreed that the best product in terms of price and efficiency is Weber Grill Cleaner Spray.

It is competitively priced and does all of the advertised jobs, getting rid of grease with a minimal waiting time of 1-2 minutes before the substance reacts. Out of the five we used, it is also the only one that got better results in all categories compared to the others.

Even though it is better to get it from the company shop directly, you can also find it pretty much everywhere. So you don’t have to look too far to find it, just get down to your local detergent seller or supermarket.