9 Best Grill Accessories For Your Outdoor Party (January 2020)

There is quite never beating the feeling and excitement of a good evening BBQ and if there could be some sort of implements that would serve to provide a comfort and ease to the whole activity, then it should be made use of to the full.

Often with the hard core grill enthusiasts, there is bound to be some favorite accessory and with these folks there is no separating the two. It is important that any grill accessory is affordable at best and this factor is a main consideration when picking out some of the most useful of tools used at a grill site.

A key feature of the present day markets is the need to be presentable; this is something that had been lacking in merchandise of the older days.
Laid out below are some really cool accessories that would bring in utility and purpose to the whole BBQ exercise than ever before.

1. BBQ Grill Mesh – Heavy Duty Non-Stick BBQ Grill & Baking Mats

BBQ Grill Mesh - Heavy Duty Non-Stick BBQ Grill & Baking MatsWhen out on a grill trip, few people can quite do without the heavy duty grill mesh while handling the heavy cooking. More than being just convenient, the grill would offer a convenience that is really welcome during the BBQ.

The grill could well mean the difference between a well done steak and a burnt piece of meat. With the heavy duty non-stick grill, the master of the ceremonies can be sure of getting the meat done all nice and uniform.

It must be said that this bit of grill can be used on any heat source, be it the electric heat, the gas fired grill or the hot coals. This would be without doubt a great gift idea as well.
There are certain aids in activities that go on to offer an increased set of comforts and this grill mesh does just that on any grill day.

Product Highlight: A tough construction that could well take any type of work involved. It could well be indestructible.
Price: The BBQ Grill Mesh is on at amazon for purchase.

2. 18″ Grill Brush With Scraper

18 Grill Brush With ScraperNo grill is without the grime and sticky bits of meat that does get on most of the surfaces and particularly the hot spaces. So, a heavy duty scraper could be just the right thing to have around.

This could well be the most essential implement when cleaning up afterwards and it would be a good idea to pay attention to this part of the grill too. There can never be emphasizing the need to clean up after a grill as it would be the healthier of the options.

It really would not help to cause ill health by disregarding the cleanliness of the grill at any time. This could be a scraper that would stand up to any sort of use and never to offer any complaints as such.

Product Highlight: There is a simplicity of form and function which would make it simple to clean as well as use. When it comes to cleaning up, this product would be right on top.
Price: The 18″ Grill Brush with Scraper can be had at Amazon.

3. Kaluns™ BBQ Grill 19 Piece Utensil Set

Kaluns™ BBQ Grill 19 Piece Utensil SetNo grill is complete without the tools of the trade so to speak. The grill master must be prepared to handle the toughest of meats as well as the delicate fish skewer that can come about on a typical grill.

With this grill utensil set, the most types of implements are included so as to make any further additions unnecessary at best. It is important that the right kind of knife is on hand for use when the need so arises.
The strong point about this set is that it has managed to pack in the most utensils all in a small space and this is no mean feature. From being just flexible, the set provides a specialized set of tools that is just right for the grilling occasion and no more.
There is a well complemented carry case that contains the whole set and with as little fuss as possible.

Product Highlights: There is a very practical approach involved that has seen the provision of a comfortable carry case. The set of tools can be put to use by both the experienced grill master as well as the novice that is setting out in grilling.
Price: The Kaluns™ BBQ Grill 19 Piece Utensil Set is available at Amazon.

4. Arres XL BBQ Grilling Gloves

Arres XL BBQ Grilling GlovesIt really would not be a comfortable feeling to have a burnt or chapped hand while on a grill. This would in many instances point to the lack of ability on the part of the grill master. But the most experienced of grill operators would take sufficient precautions when it comes to accidents on the grill and the BBQ gloves are just the right choice to keep away the burnt fingers.

The feature about this Arres BBQ gloves is that it does accommodate the largest of palms and this cannot be taken lightly. There are a number of manufacturers that do produce gloves for the BBQ but rarely of the quality offered by Arres.
There is no doubt those folks that would swear by the gloves for the spills that it has managed to prevent. That is a good thing to have about a product that is primarily aimed at keeping people from harm’s way.

Product Highlight: Simple yet effective, this would be how best to describe the gloves. The exterior does make easy cleaning too.
Price: The Arres XL BBQ Grilling Gloves is available at Amazon.

There is never denying the feeling and emotions that a good outdoor grill could bring about and the above accessories do add to the comfort and user experience at any time. In many ways, the implements could well rekindle the dying interest in the grill.
It could well be said that the prime reason that the tool or assessor got chosen in the above is for the simplicity being offered. It does work to the advantage to have something that is easy to clean up as well.

5. A wireless thermometer

A wireless thermometerInvest in a quality thermometer, especially the wireless one. This will improve your control over the temperature readings. You can use it as follows:

  • Stick the meat thermometer to the meat
  • Select the timer or temperature at the receiver
  • Select the type of the meat or go for a manual thermometer
  • Choices are mainly among fish, lamb, pork, veal, poultry, beef, and custom
  • Thermometer will make a beep when it reaches the prescribed temperature.

Product highlights: ThermoPro is the best choice if you want a durable yet price efficient thermometer. There is a rubber armor surrounding the thermometer which will make you relax as the thermometers are usually prone to fall and may crack.
Price: Get the meat thermometer at a suitable price on Amazon.

6. The chimney fire starter

The chimney fire starterPour charcoal into your chimney starter. Some of the paper towels are to be scrunched up along with a few spoons of oil and then expose it to light. The chimney is then to be placed over the paper towel ball and you will start up with your cooking within 10-20 minutes.

Product highlights: The chimney starter has quite a good capacity. It has enough space to hold even a 22-/2 inch kettle grill.
Price: Go for a Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter at Amazon.

7. Solid bear claws for pork

Solid bear claws for porkBear claws seem to be a blessing when it comes to transfer, lift, and shred meat. Use them for transforming pork butts to pork puller or to shredded cooked chicken. You can also use them for holding meat while transferring or carving meat.

Product highlights: These claws are very strong and durable. They are capable of shredding anything you throw on them. Keep them away from the reach of kids.
Price: Get the price details of Taste N Bear Claws at Amazon.

8. Sturdy BBQ tongs

Sturdy BBQ tongsAll of us avoid burning our hands while using grills, so the beat way of doing it is to have a good pair of Long tongs specially meant for grilling. The head of this 16” tongs is so wide that it slides easily under the food and grip it up. Hence you can have no excuse of dropping the piece of brisket. The 16” long tongs also keep the hands safe and clear from hot coals.

Product highlights: The product is durable and made of stainless steel which ensures that it will not bend while lifting heavy pieces of meat. It is dishwasher safe and has a very comfortable grip.
Price: OXO 16” grilling tongs are available at a suitable price on Amazon.

9. Plastic squeeze bottles

Add condiments to your meal with ease with squeeze bottles!

If you’re like us and you want to keep your kitchen, outdoor table and grill tidy, get your hands on some BBQ squeeze bottles.

They are so versatile – you can keep ingredients (like different oils) in them, condiments (such as ketchup, mustard, etc), or make your marinades and glazes in bulk, then store them for use later on.

For more info, take a read of our guide on why plastic squeeze bottles are so good.

Our Favorite Grill Accessories

It is good to invest in some grilling accessories to be a good barbecue. This will save your time as well as prevents hassle which usually occurs while handling smokers or grills. And ultimately the BBQ will taste better.

Best BBQ Grill Accessories