Best BBQ Gloves For The Much-Needed Protection Of The Griller

You want to barbecue but are worried over the heat and thinking how to protect your skin? If you are new to barbecuing and not really used to the heat emanating from it, you should probably use one of the best barbecue gloves available to you in your local supermarket.

As we know there are a wide range of the best heat resistant gloves available on the market and we will help you in choosing one.

It has probably happened to you too. You decide to throw a BBQ party or plan to BBQ event at your place, having never done so before.

Now as you test your skills the previous day, you realize the heat is hotter than you might have thought and even worse, there is hot oil, smoke and grease all popping up from time to time which affects and damage your smooth skin.

Now what you do next is to head to the shop and find a pair of insulated BBQ gloves like every intelligent person.
However, due to the wide variety of gloves on the shelves, you are unsure which one to choose from that adapts to your needs and use. This is where our work start with you in mind.
So, here you go:

Best bbq Gloves

Why a BBQ Glove is So Necessary?

If you are a serious serial BBQ or grill cooker, then the BBQ gloves, or grilling gloves is a must for you. Owning them will mostly guarantee your safety since BBQ, even if done right always present some risks.

For example, repeated exposure to the heat can damage your skin and have a lasting effect on it. You don’t want to waste money going to a dermatologist just because you didn’t wear BBQ pit gloves when partying.

BBQ gloves are also sometimes multipurpose depending on the brand and can go as far as using them when baking or even cleaning your oven (although there are oven BBQ gloves).

We will review it by criteria such as price, amount of heat it can take, practical use and flexibility and so on.

Reviews of the Best BBQ Gloves for 2019

1. The Pit Glove Insulated waterproof / oil & heat resistant BBQ

The Pit Glove Insulated waterproof, oil & heat resistant BBQOne of the best brands in terms of BBQ, grilling and so on, the brand manufactures one of the best gloves on the market from leather gloves to silicone BBQ gloves. In contrast to normal and simple gloves, these help in the preparation of hot food, holding hot pans and many other actions/chores that has to do with heat and hot food.

You are pretty much guaranteed that your hand will always be safe and dry as the glove takes the brunt of the heat and spillage. Made from neoprene, it offers a much better insulation and protection from heat than your average glove while also being more resistant to fire.

These gloves have some features that distinguish it from other gloves. It is designed for the best smokers and BBQ which makes it easier to manage meat and other type of food. The quality is so good that it is much more resistant to heat, oil, stains and grease and all the while protecting your hands since it does not above any liquid meaning it keeps your hands clean.

The inside of the glove is made of soft cotton liner that makes it stay cool and comfortable.The neoprene gloves lets your hand breath. As a result, you can easily handle BBQ temperatures with contact up to 400 degrees.


  • Can hold up to 400 degrees of intermittent heat
  • Assured quality and good absorption of heat
  • Stainless and Waterproof


  • The price is a bit high
  • Currently only available in size 10

2. Topulors 2019 Hot Sale BBQ Grilling Gloves

Topulors 2019 Hot Sale BBQ Grilling GlovesThese are definitely among the top 5 best BBQ gloves of 2019. The new design are pretty thick and sturdy. They however do work pretty well with your hand since it has a firm grip all along the gloves. As most BBQ gloves, it does hold intermittent heat up to 400 degrees but it is not advised to hold a 425 degree tray for a long time with it.

Since it contains grips (anti-slips), it is pretty practical to use, from opening stuck jars to moving hot dishes back and forth until your BBQ or grill is done. A common problem in parties are soda bottles not opening, however with these gloves, we found it easy to open the soda caps as well.

The washing is pretty simple too, as you just have to wash it with soap water and hang it to dry or in the dryer depending on your method. One more plus on our books is that we found it to work pretty work with smaller hands without any issue.

On a side note it works with big hands too as easily. The features of these BBQ gloves are that they contain anti-slips or grip depending where you live. It is also waterproof and thus be used to wash dishes. It is also pretty much multi-use, from opening soda caps to stuck jars cap.


  • Easily washable and waterproof
  • Contains Anti-slips (grip) and are practical
  • Fits small and big hands


  • Pretty bulky sometimes
  • Does not fit some hand sizes

3. Hot Gorilla BBQ Grill Cooking Gloves

Hot Gorilla BBQ Grill Cooking GlovesComing from one of the well-known brands, you can be sure that the gloves will protect you from the highest heat, be it for grilling, frying or baking (oven). They have a 3 layer quality grade.

One of the most prominent one is Para Aramid, which is a material used in aerospace and firefighting. This makes sure that the gloves are thick but very lightweight and ensure that they provide protection to your skin (hands) from extreme heat up to 932°F.

We did try it on our maximum temperature and it really works. What is good about it is that it is easy to clean by dropping them in the washing machine. These gloves being elastic, easily fits most adult hand size.

However if you want a custom fit, just soak them in very hot water and place them in the dryer to shrink to the desired size.

These gloves are considered one of the best BBQ gloves because in contrast to your average or even above average gloves, it provides you heat resistance up to 932°F which is simply one of the best. It also contains the same synthetic materials that are used in Military and firefighters.

Since it has an extra 5 inches length; it covers your forearm as much as possible which helps when reaching deep into your grill or BBQ. It also has additional grip which helps when handling skillets and opening jars.

It is also pretty practical in any cooking scenario, such as oven, grill, BBQ and so on.


  • It’s intermittent heat protection is higher than most gloves
  • Covers your forearm and contain grips
  • Pretty practical in most cooking situations


  • Inconsistency in quality

4. Scorch Fix BBQ Gloves

Scorch Fix BBQ GlovesThese particular BBQ Gloves can be used for many purposes which are grilling, smoking, or BBQ as well as cooking gloves.
The features that make them one of the best are that it has a super five finger grip design. It is textured to manage greasy or oily meat in your smoker.

Since it has a double layered soft cotton liner, it very comfortable. It doesn’t fit too tightly either so as not to irritate your skin and so as to stay cool when holding meat or pulling it from the smoker.

In its 14 inch form, it covers your hand as well as your forearm while protecting both from extreme heat from hot food stuffs or utensils.
Like all gloves, we reviewed its advantages and disadvantages which can be found below.


  • Made from neoprene and flexible
  • Covers forearm from heat and comfortable


  • Cannot sustain very high temperatures

5. ICCKER Grill/BBQ Gloves

ICCKER Grill, BBQ GlovesThese BBQ gloves have the reputation of being one of the best due to the heat it can withstand without melting or burning.

Some of its features are that like some other gloves, it contains anti slips it makes it easy to manage hot utensils and plates while also being comfortable to wear with its double inside layer design.

It is a pretty practical and flexible equipment, being used from bonfires, to cooking, boiling and welding. It has an easy on and off design meaning there is no difference from left to right hand.

Like all the gloves above, we have reviewed the pros and cons for you.


  • Can withstand extreme heat without burning
  • Easy on and off feature
  • Flexible use of it ranging from boiling to grilling


  • Not water resistant (waterproof)
  • Inconsistent quality

To Sum Up

After having taken the necessary time to review all the gloves mentioned above one by one, we managed to find the one we would more likely buy although all of them are pretty good in term of cost and the job they do.

So the one we would definitely consider buying is the The Pit Glove Insulated waterproof / oil & heat resistant BBQ.

The reason why we would put our money on it is that it can withstand very strong heat up to 932°F while having an extra 5 inches to cover your forearm. The material it is made from is pretty comfortable too.

In addition to that it is a valuable piece of equipment or tool in the kitchen as it can be used in a wide variety of ways, from holding hot stuffs to opening jars. It is also flexible to use in most cooking situations.