5 Best BBQ Books To Make You A Pitmaster In Your Right

We thought to put this article out there for the many that need some real guidance on how to be excellent at the BBQ game.

Then, for those who already are good, these books offer you great amounts of recipes that we bet you didn’t know about.

Go through this list of 5 of the best BBQ books that were put together out of passion, skill, and experience to get you cooking in all the right ways.

We encourage you to always have a good book by you for such tasks and you will never disappoint your guests.


Best BBQ Books

What makes a BBQ book a top notch one?

It should pro guide you

A book is meant to educate you on something beneficial and so is a BBQ book too. A good one should lead you into the world of BBQ with so much excitement that will get a beginner all ready to start making some great food.

It should share deep details on the origin of BBQs and key elements that ought to be known about this world with its reader.

BBQ could be a hard task and with bad detailing in a book, even a pitmaster will be up for a run.

It should be well detailed and engaging

You definitely will not love reading a book that is poorly organized and hard to read.

Every good BBQ book involves the skill of storytelling that engages the reader in amazing realms of grilling that will get you salivating uncontrollably.

This is what is needed, and with that said, you can be assured of having a fun moment when cooking.

It should come with something about food

This is about food, therefore either recipes or locations of good food should be the case.

If you are keen on making your own food, well, practice makes perfect hence a good array of recipes to guide on this part is something that you will need to boost your skills with. Find something that offers this.

If you are up for eating out instead, the book should be honest about where to find quality barbecues.

If none of these apply in what you find, you may want to try something else.

Pictures are a faster way for learning

A book that is backed with images makes it easier to understand and remember.

It is scientifically proven that pictured books are one of the best forms of learning making it a necessary requirement for many food publications.

A good barbecue book should definitely have a lot of pictures to guide the reader. Pictures tell exactly what the author is referring to which guides the reader when choosing utensils, purchasing ingredients and viewing the outcome of steps during the cook.

As a matter of fact, illustrated books are becoming the trend for cookbooks, and if your BBQ book comes with this feature, this is a great plus.

You definitely tips and tricks

No one is up for long processes and painful results during a cook, hence the need for tips and tricks.

These allow you cook in the most effective and efficient way possible to ensure that you have the excellent foods at the end.

Tips and tricks vary in processes like setting up your grill, marination, oiling, spicing, adjusting temperatures, getting the best crunch, and the list is endless.

A good book should share these quick guides to make you a good barbecue.

Reviews of the best BBQ books

1. Meathead: The Science of Great BBQ & Grilling

1. Meathead The Science of Great BBQ & GrillingThis book is focused on making you the best cook that you can be and such an approach is a winning mark.

The author, a super experienced pitmaster shares his knowledge on transforming the notion of outdoor cooking as something boring to something to be a necessary part of life through his tip and trick share.

After a read of this book, you are sure to be imbibed with the passion for smoking or grilling and doing the right way. This qualifies it as one of the best grilling cookbooks on the market.

He offers many recipes to guide you through the process of his teaching to make you perfect at your act.

It is always a great idea to be taught, and with this thoughtful approach to learning, you are guaranteed to be a scholar if you have a careful read with practice.


  • Lots of good information
  • A touch of humor
  • A real skill booster


  • May be distracting from BBQ

2. Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book

2. Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ BookThis is a history cookbook and not a BBQ cookbook which rather gives you in-depth knowledge of the world of barbecue based on a family’s experience.

Big Bob Gibson has been one of America’s long-lasting barbecue joints serving specialties to various types of customers for 85 years.

With this high level of experience and skill, this book can switch you up from a novice to a pitmaster in a matter of tries.

It is a book that shares so many details about the tips and tricks of barbecuing. It almost seems like a parent guiding a child to the best of life.

We will highly recommend this book to an experienced cook, and more especially to anyone hoping to start a barbecue restaurant.

The content in there will guide you in making some really good decisions as you feed on its knowledge.


  • Affordable
  • Shares a world of experience
  • Quality information


  • Too history based

3. Franklin Barbecue Book

3. Franklin Barbecue BookIf you are deep about hardcore traditional barbecue, this is the book for you.

The author is an experienced pitmaster having run a barbecue business for many years and has earned his business the recognition of one of the best barbecue joints in America.

With this said, you can expect to have deep content and tricks to making some really good food the way it ought to be.

It shares text on the author’s barbecue journey and some detailed information on grilling.

This is the book to study if you are hoping to take your skills to a whole new level, and possibly starting your business.

The author is focused on growing the reader’s skill set so we encourage you to be all geared up to be improved.


  • Straightforward and truthful guide
  • Simple to grasp
  • Clear directions
  • Tips, information, and tricks based


  • Not recipe based
  • Time-consuming to read

4. Charred & Scruffed

4. Charred & ScruffedA very affordable book, now let’s look at its details.

This is a radical book, be ready to break the rules big time for something better. In this book, the author, an experienced professional, teaches how to make the best tasting and drop good crunchy foods with unconventional methods.

He moves the meat from the grate straight onto the fire for a special result and these tricks never disappoint.

This is a smoker cookbook to get especially if you are already good at grilling because the techniques here needs some real guts to practice.

Fear no fall, the saying goes, and here the same trick applies.

If you a fanatic of impressing people or if you are heavily driven by the praises of people, learn and practice the tips here and you will be amazed at the wonders that you will be commanding.

As a business owner, we are sure that you will have your clients trooping in like never before.

Tighten your seatbelts as it is a rough ride on this one.


  • Straightforward recipes
  • New techniques to learn
  • Many recipes to try


  • Techniques may be hard to follow
  • Not enough pictures

5. The Prophets of Smoked Meat

5. The Prophets of Smoked MeatJust before you get all prepped to turn your grill to work, this is not one of bbq recipe books. It is a travelogue that leads readers to the best places to find the best barbecues.

Tricky right, but necessary if you are still in for great tastes.

We like the author’s varying approach to doing something out of the ordinary. Leave the cooking, tips, and tricks to the others and get the people to where the food is all ready and in wait for them to devour them.

This way they will be salivating from the word “go” till they find their best places to enjoy great food, and afterward, they will be drooling from thoughts from the previous to make their own always.

This is a smart move and is doing a lot of wonders to this world.

It is a great guide with the perfect detailing of where to find what. Perfect for town visitors who need some traditional taste.

His words are true and you are sure to find just what you were told when you go visiting.

Keep this book close always and you will never go hungry.


  • Good storytelling
  • Good travel guide
  • Honest review


  • More text than photography

What is the best BBQ book?

This is a very tough choice to make as all 5 books come with their level of uniqueness.

All the same a choice has to be made and for this reason, we choose Meathead: The Science of Great BBQ & Grilling.

The first thought that comes to mind when you think of the best bbq books ever is the fact that that they teach you how to make some whooping good food.

So for this reason, we chose this book as it shares a lot of history, tips and tricks and lots of recipes on barbecues.

This serves all reader types and will help you grow at your grilling skill.

It is a great starter book that leads the way into doing much more in the world of grilling and smoking.

Have a good read of the books and be sure to share your what you make with others.