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Best Tailgate Grills

7 Best Tailgate Grills for 2021

If you are among the thousands of fans who like to throw a party in the parking lot of the stadium before the game starts, then read on to find

BBQ Tips

How to use a meat thermometer

Over the past few months, thanks to my schedule freeing up and other circumstances, I have been designated the family cook and have been cooking for my family a lot.


Your Guide To Offset Barrel Smokers

There’s something in an offset barrel smoker that separates a pit master from a guy who does a good job with smoking seafood and meats. Well, you can use pellet,

BBQ Tips

10 Myths About Electric Smokers

People who are new to smokers always seem to gravitate towards either charcoal or gas smokers. Usually, it’s because that’s what their friends use, or they read something somewhere. To


Propane Vs Charcoal Smokers Comparison

Smoking meats adds flavor to an average or advanced cut. With options of different wood types in addition to the types of grills, there are limitless flavor combinations for any


Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker Review

Much of the discussion these days around electric smokers tend to focus on Masterbuilt models. But Char-Broil has been busy behind the scenes releasing high quality affordable electric smokers that