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Best grill smoker combo 2018 review

5 Best Rated Grill Smoker Combo To Buy

The grill smoker combo might sound like a facade to many but we tell you, this baby is a beast and blessing all in one. It is a super effective and

Best Kamado Grills

Best 5 Ceramic Kamado Grills For The Money In 2018

Putting together an awesome BBQ means having the right equipment. Kamado style grills are great due to their versatility and easy to use functions. Some of the best Kamado grills

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Best Black Friday Deals for BBQ Lovers

With the holidays around the corner, everyone is watching closely to find deals for their loved ones’ gifts. The best bbq deals are already coming out in Black Friday and

The 8 Primal Cuts Of Beef
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8 Primal Cuts Of Beef – The Ultimate Chart

There is a total of (8) Primal cuts of beef and within each of those cuts are sub-primal cuts. The sub-primal cuts are portions of beef that you would find in the grocery store like steaks


A Beginner’s Guide To Grilling

One of the best feelings in the world is having your friends over on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, enjoying a beer or a glass of red wine and cooking a

Guide To Pairing Wine and Beer with BBQ
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Pair Wine And Beer with BBQs: A Simplified Guide

There is nothing as wonderful as enjoying a sizzling barbecue with a chilled well-matched drink, this adds to the beauty of even barbecuing in the first place. Just so we